Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunday morning

It's blowing a gale off Lake Te Anau and still raining. So glad we did the Milford Track yesterday. More cascading waterfalls and thundering rivers swollen with all the rain we've had. At one point, the guides were saying we couldn't go the entire distance in (5.5 klm) in because there was waist deep water to cross. After our picnic lunch in the first hut; however, the water had receded somewhat and once we got to the crossing, it was only ankle deep. Not a problem, but certainly created wet sloggy shoes and socks for the rest of the walk. Our round-trip trek was about 6 miles. The rainforest is beautiful with green moss all over the floor and growing up the sides of trees. We saw fan tail birds and bush robins, all very friendly because people feed them. The entire Milford Trek is 33 klm long, and one can only do it in one direction. The number of people walking at any one time is limited so that there is not too much crowding. Most folks carry their provisions and bed rolls to spend the three nights on the trail in comfortable huts. Some less brave souls book with guides and very fine lodges for the three nights. Three course meals are provided and lots of NZ wine. Sounds like a plan.

This morning, we are off to Central Otago and more wineries, then overnight at Rocky Range in Alexandra. (They have a website if you want to take a look.)

We are much happier now that our luggage arrived while we were on the walk yesterday. It got here about 4:30, 5 days since we saw it in LA. It's amazing how little one can get by on.

Hopefully, I'll be rested enough to download some photos tonight and get them attached to the next blog.

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