Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back to New Zealand

Bill and I are leaving March 1 for a one month trip to New Zealand. We hope you will follow our blog, and that I will be up to writing every couple of days. We have said so often in the past two years, "let's go back to NZ!" especially during all the political turmoil our country has endured during that time. The political climate hasn't seemed to improve, even with a fine new president, so off we go. Maybe Congress can get its act together while we are gone.

It's said, "you can't go home again," and often we've found visiting a favorite restaurant or city is not as great as one remembered from a previous visit. We hope this is not the case for this trip. We are visiting different cities and sites than we did the first time, and plan on doing more hiking and less vineyard visits. I will let you know if we find NZ as lovely, friendly, and delightfully easy-going as we found it the first time.

We will start in Dunedin, a city settled by Scots on the South Island, and finish on the Coromandel Peninsula near Auckland, a favorite of the Kiwis. We'll look forward to your comments.

Bill and Roxanna

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