Monday, February 21, 2011

Paris - Ahhhhhhhh!

We had an easy flight to Paris from CLT. Actually, upgraded to business class and were absolutely delighted to find reclining seats when we got on board the new Airbus 300. It was wonderful, with good food, great wines, and the ability to stretch out and actually sleep for 4 hours, or so. There are no crying babies in first class, either. It's another real benefit. (The flight from
GSP to CLT was only 30 minutes total. Straight up and straight down again.)

Paris is cool and drizzly. We expected it to be about like this. We had lunch in a local brasserie, took a short nap, and then went to the Pompidou Museum for a couple of hours. The view from the 6th floor was spectacular as the lights came on across the city. Our dinner at "L'Ambassade d'Auvergne" was all I had anticipated. They have a wonderful website, and you can see our menu on-line. The Swede soup with blue cheese was heavenly, and so was my stuffed cabbage. What a great evening and delicious food. The wait staff was not only efficient but had a great sense of humor. I find the Parisians are much more friendly than on previous trips. They make eye contact and smile, even on the Metro. Maybe we are just funny-looking Americans, and they are amuzed.

We navigated the metro quite easily through three changes each way, coming and going. It helps to have done this before in other countries. Tomorrow, we'll walk more. I hope for a late breakfast, but we may still be on NC time.

Hoping for some sun tomorrow, so goodnight to all.

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