Friday, February 25, 2011

Picture Montpellier!

Here's our apartment from the cafe where we ate lunch today. We are on the "third" floor, although here it is called the second. Here is also "The Cat in the Cafe," who sat very comfortably in his chair while we ate our lunch. Then, there is "The Cat in the Cafe Watching the Man Read the Newspaper and Smoke a Pipe." After the Man With the Pipe left, a gorgeous girl came in and sat opposite the cat. She lit a cigarrete, and the cat went back to sleep. Great country for cats.

There is also the carousel in the Place de la Comedie, and the blue tram with doves. Gorgeous. There were so many people on the streets this sunny Friday afternoon. Hundreds were sitting at cafes and enjoying wine, beer, cokes, conversation, and friendship.

The sculptures are just off the Place de la Comedie, all painted bright colors. These are up the Esplanade past the fountain. This city has a real sense of playfulness in the public sculptures and children's play parks. Such fun. We haven't seen or heard any other Americans or British. They don't know what they are missing!

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