Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sun Came Out in Paris

After our yogurt, fruit, cafe creme, and croissants we walked through our neighborhood to The Eiffel Tower, and the clouds began to thin, and the winter sun began to shine. What a treat, but we forget how far north we are and how low the sun is in the southern sky.

We walked along the Seine to the Musee D'Orsay and waited about ten minutes to buy tickets. Now who would imagine how crowded this museum could be at the end of February, in the midst of an economic recession, and on a Tuesday morning? Whoever said there are no tourists in Paris these days is quite mistaken. Perhaps it's a testimony to how popular the Impressionists remain. The gallery of paintings was jammed with admirers. We could hardly see the paintings, but it was still wonderful. The museum is remodeling and upgrading a number of gallery spaces. I thought, but this is a "new museum," then had to remember that I was a first time visitor to this "new museum" well over thirty years ago. There are many new paintings from the same period and lots of new surprises for this old art history student.

Lunch at the lovely gilded and mirrored restaurant on the second floor. We sat next to two beautiful Vietnamese girls who charmed the waiter, and vice versa. They were choosing and eating well, and the creme brulee looked so delicious , I followed suit. Such a bad influence, but it's Paris, and we had walked a long way in the cold.

This gourmet wine and cheese shop is only one of many very near our hotel. Tonight we are walking to a nearby bistro recommended in a recent Saveur magazine for dinner. More food! I may skip the plate and just go for the fois gras. And, wine, of course.

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