Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Greys and Notre Dame de Paris

This hippo is how I'll look if we keep eating as we have. He resides on the front patio of the Musee D'Orsay, rain or shine.

The sky is grey again, and the temperature requires hats, gloves, and scarves. We took the Metro to "Cite" and walked around the corner to re-visit Notre Dame. It's fun to return, and it looks much the same, although the stained glass is certainly more spectacular on a sunny day. We walked the length of Isle St. Louis and browsed shop windows, but there is not much activity on a cold day in February. Paris is much lovelier, though more expensive, in May! Crepes for lunch, how French, and then a nice long walk back to our hotel.

Last night, we were unable to get a reservation at the recommended restaurant (I was carefully corrected by our front desk lady - it is NOT a bistro.) So, we booked for tonight. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, the "Fontaine Champ de Mars," and has the distinction of having hosted Barack and Michelle when they made their state visit to Paris. So, it remains to be seen if they are resting on their laurels or still serving up wonderful food and service! We walked over to see the Eiffel by night, and then selected a small cafe on the way back to our hotel for our evening repast. There were plenty of empty tables when we walked in about 8:10 p.m., so we were surprised to be asked to sit on the "outside" which was, however, quite comfortable as it was heated and had plastic walls. By 8:30, it was completely full, and the hostess was turning potential customers away. The food was simple and good, and the service was perfect. If anyone is interested in fresh proscuitto on grilled Poilaine bread slices, this is the place to go!

Only upon checking out the website for our first restaurant choice when we returned to our room, did I find that we had accidently dined in their "little sister" restaurant, the "Petit Cler." It always surprises me when these serendipitous moments occur on trips. Sometimes, it's the best part of traveling. We still have the "Fontaine" for tonight. I'll convey Mr. Obama's best; and Rush Limbaugh, you can eat your heart out.


MJ and Bob said...

LOVE the "hippo" look. Keep eating and writing about food and your adventures!

Reading Between the Lines said...

This is a great preview of our trip to Paris in May! Can't wait.