Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bushmill Inn, Bushmill, N. Ireland Worth a Trip

This is one of the finest hotels we have ever stayed in, and it's historical, comfortable, luxurious, spacious, interesting,full of fascinating antiques and pictures, had alcoves and lounges tucked beneath rafters of solid wood, well-serviced, friendly, and the mattresses are some of the best we've slept on since we left home. I don't know what it is about Europeans that they prefer to sleep on rock hard beds, but we have been uncomfortable, except in Bern, until tonight. At times we have doubled the duvet under us and covered up with what remained. Last night, in Belfast, in a newly remodeled hotel, The Wellington Park, with lovely linens, towels, pillows, and modern bath, the bed was a board. (the carpet was also sticky. ewwww-w-w-w.) Our bed in the cottage in Tonbridge was a challenge to negotiate with a slender slice of mattress contained within a wooden frame that caught your leg as you tried to climb out and duck the very low ceilingS over the bed.

We enjoyed a Bushmill whiskey in the timebered lounge. There were several rooms with comfortable chairs and wonderful peat fires. In the restuarant, Bill had fresh Donegal salmon baked on top of risotta with fresh spring peas. We had a first course of a terrine of Donegal Salmon with mint to spread on thin toast. Very mild and tasty.
My fresh venison tenderloin was perfect and served with fig jam and confit of onion and plum. Fresh steamed kale on the side. Bill had a butterscotch sundae. It was great food, and the young waitstaff was so gracious and friendly. You can't help but smile at the accents and charm.

Bushmills is worth a visit just to stay in this hotel. It's the way every hotel should treat guests. And if you can get here, stay in the hotel, eat their good food, you can also tour the distillery, the Giant's Causeway, and the coastline. Wish you were all here.

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