Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Chateau de Flaugergues

Another adventure which turned out extremely well. With bright sun and little wind, we rode the tram from Comedie to Place Europe and then caught Bus 9 to another stop, walked three or four blocks through what appeared to be an industrial and commercial estate, and suddenly there were acres of vines, a lovely garden, an 18th chateau,a tasting room, and an up-scale restaurant. We even met the comte when we arrived. He directed us to his marketing lady who later conducted the degustation and introduced us to her apprentice, young woman studying oenology and gastronomy at the university here.

The garden had few blooms at this season but some interesting specimens of trees from around the world including a sequoia from the US. Anemones were blooming all over the grassy paths. The vines are still dormant but apparently quite happy within the city environment.

Our lunch, among several beautifully dressed young and trendy business boys and girls, was a real treat. There is obviously a chef in the kitchen, and this was the first "gourmet" meal we've had in France. It was a wonderful blend of subtle flavors. Bill had a "cold soup" with avocado cream and legumes, with a cream sauce," and my entree included thinly sliced beets, baby spinach, poached egg, and crisply fried bacon (lardons). The main courses were delicately prepared chicken and fish, respectively. We, of course, had the chateau's wine to accompany it - a rose and and white. Obviously, rose is really the fashionable drink here for lunch. Everyone is drinking it - even macho Frenchmen.

We came back, an easy reverse of the trip out, using our "family" ticket on the public transportation. We could continue to use it until 10:30 am tomorrow, as it is good for 24 hours and cost about $7.00.

We will be cleaning up and packing tomorrow morning, moving out by 11:00 am and then "killing time" until our train leaves at 5:30 pm. We'll be into Bern at 11:30, and Sabine is to meet us. We can't wait to see them all again. It is not too cold in Switzerland - low thirties at night, and around 50 in the daytime.

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