Friday, March 18, 2011


We had a light lunch in a very modern (they call it gourmet) Mexican restaurant near the theatre yesterday. The waitress even made guacomole at our table-side. Reminded me of Miami. Then Bill destroyed the low calorie healthy atmosphere by ordering a warm very chocolaty brownie with hot caramel sauce and ice cream. It was so delicious, it totally ruined our appetite for an early supper at Jamie's. We did, however, stop in there for wine and a couple of starters at 5:30. By 5:45, there was a line out the front door for tables. Although, there was a chauffered Rolls parked in the street just outside, we saw no sign of the famous chef. Oh well, it would have been fun to spot him. We bought a set of Jamie napkins, rather than steal the ones in our laps. We just don't live life on the edge any more.

Priscilla was as lavishly costumed a production as we have ever seen. The loud and energetic Disco music was great fun. The dancing cupcakes were over the top, only to be closely matched by the grooving pink paint brushes. You just can't imagine. Bill never did find a boa, but there were several in the dress circle. Most of our audience consisted of seniors and groups of women. I think the audience would be more diverse at an evening performance and a lot more fun.

Walking back to Charring Cross, we detoured through Covent Garden and happened upon the new Apple Store which just opened in August. It's the world's largest. There were hundreds of people inside "playing" with all the new technology around tables plugged into Apple products. A small live concert going on just inside the huge glass window walls provided a party atmosphere. A very nice young man demonstratd the I-pod for us, even though he knew we were Americans who wouldn't buy anything from him. He is completely convinced Apple is the best! A good salesman.

London is truly an energetic environment. Every street corner provides a surprise. It's fun just to walk and look. Of course, there's no greater city for the performing arts. We could spend a month here and never see all the performances we'd like to see.

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