Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where are the Pictures?

London is not at her colorful best in the middle of March. While our "cottage" sits in the midst of a charming small garden which has great potential, nothing is in bloom except a few daffodils and crocus. Right outside our front door is a cherry tree whose buds are forming; but at present, it has narry a leaf or bloom. Yesterday morning was sunny and blue-skied here in Kent, but by the time we got into London, a light fog covered the spires and monuments. It was a pleasant water-color-like grey blue, but not condusive to great photographic documentation.

This morning is grey even in Tonbridge, but may brighten later in the day. We'll go into London after lunch, but doubt the camera will come along.

I think I'll pop into the corner store and buy an Indpendent newspaper and a Cadbury chocolate bar. Nice way to spend a grey morning!

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