Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quiet Day at Home

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, warmer than we've had yet. We spent the morning in our living room, stretched out on the couches, reading. I found a book written by an Englishman who inherited a house and old vineyards in the Languedoc from an uncle and moved here for a year to put things back in order. It's fiction, and a thinly disguised history of wine making in the area. He also visits a number of contemporary wineries and vineyards and describes their current wine making techniques. It's interesting to me, though some readers would prefer more of a story, I'm sure. Neil, you would love it. When our friends from England come in this weekend we plan to rent a car for a couple of days so maybe we can visit some of the wine makers the author mentions.

I've included two pictures of our apartment that are not on the website which you may have already visited. The one of the dining room is taken in the morning when the sun comes in through the long windows. The other is of the famous master bath. The cathedral, which is massive, is just around the corner and down the hill from us.

Today we are off by train to Sete, a seaside town. Maybe we'll find some fresh oysters. They are in season.


Eilene said...

How very French the dining room looks with your beautiful flowers!

Neil said...

I'm pretty sure that book was made into a movie, which I watched and really enjoyed. I can't remember the name of the movie . . . what's the name of the book?

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