Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have tickets for the Thursday matinee of Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Went to the box office, requested the OAP concession, and purchased our tickets for 22 pounds each. If you are unacquainted with OAP - It's old age pensioners' discount. The theatres don't call it that anymore - probably not politically correct - but, nevertheless it is a discount that even Americans in England can claim. You must be over 65. Otherwise, you could ask for the "wrinkly" discount, and would likely be understood.

We spent more than an hour in the National Portrait Gallery, and then met up with Jean Hedden on the steps of the National Gallery, and all went to a leisurely lunch in the restaurant above the Portrait Gallery with a foggy view of the skyline of London. Bill said it reminded him of an Impressionist painting, which was a very accurate description. Great food in a great setting. If you are in London, try it out.

Down The Strand, we checked out the box office at the Savoy Theatre, and found they only give the concession discount an hour before the evening performance, but we were assured there were plenty of seats available tomorrow night for Legally Blonde. We'll go back in tomorrow evening and claim our reduced price seats. Probably have an early supper at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. We found it today while wandering around the area. That's the best part of visitng London for the ????? time. We can wander and not feel lost.

The train from Tonbridge to London Charring Cross takes about 45 minutes. We purchase a "cheap day return," and it costs 12 pounds each, which is expensive, but puts us right into the heart of London and back again without any hassle. There are frequent trains to Tonbridge, and we were pleased to find we can get back and forth to Gatwick also very easily.

So, supper in our cottage consisted of English bacon, range free eggs (from Waitrose Grocery, and marked even with the breed of chicken that produced them - obviously someone cares), Cox apples, brown bread, French butter, Cadbury chocolate, and NZ sauvignon blanc which was less expensive than in the US. It' not a bad life.

We wash clothes, drink German coffee from the French press coffee pot, eat Greek yogurt, English Stilton and cheddar cheese, and French pain au chocolate tomorrow morning. Then, back to downtown London to eat with Jamie and see Legally Blonde. See you tomorrow. Think how we are all connected in this world.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget your feather boa, Bill, on Thursday for 'Priscilla'!


Neil and Carol