Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cape Palliser Lighthouse and Drive

This is Burnside Church built by settlers in 1875 in the country south of Martinborough.

The Cape Palliser Light House is the southern most tip of the north island. It was a beautiful drive down through the wide green Wairarapa Valley and right along the coast, next to cliffs on my side. There are indeed 250 steps to the top, and here's the view to prove it. We could see Mt. Cook on the South Island for almost the whole length of the drive. Magnificent day!

We were delayed by a herd of sheep in the road going down, and cows in the road coming back. Needless to say, it's a major agricultural area, and livestock have the right of way. The sheep herder was on a motorbike and aided by two sheep dogs. When the herd got off the road and into their pasture, the sheperd whistled and both dogs jumped on the back of the motor bike and off they went. Honest to God. He had a special platform built just to fit the two dogs. I couldn't get the camera out fast enough.

We had fresh fish sandwiches at the Lake Ferry Hotel for lunch. Beautiful views of the Straits and a cut through from the salt-water "lake" to the ocean. Then, drove up to Greytown which was settled in the late 1800's. Lot's of Victorian small houses and churches. We met a young man in front of the school, maybe the "mayor" of Greytown, who pointed out several landmarks to be visited. He also informed us the Maori word for Greytown is "hupanui". Translated it means "big snot." Not very complimentary. He was, by the way, a Maori.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see photos of the dogs on the motor bike!!! Bob's going to want one now - or better yet me! He can drive Riley in the golf cart and I'll be riding around with Riley on the bike! Love your travel stories and photos...keep 'em coming.