Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seals and Aramoana

We drove out to the end of the northern shore of Dunedin, Aramoana, where we found cliffs, sparkling beaches, warm sea air, and seals rolling lazily in the kelp and napping on the "mole" or jetty. Picnic lunch in our room and then a stroll through the excellent Dunedin art gallery, which is very impressive for a city of 20,000 residents (and 25,000 wild things who attend the University of Otago.)
Off to Mount Cook tomorrow.


Cheminne said...

Love your posts! I am now craving pastrami, plums, and ocean breezes (not necessarily in that order).
Have a wonderful time!

Jared said...

Hey really cool photo if the seal. Noelquis says you and Bill are really cool and wish she was there.