Monday, March 15, 2010

Pictures, we hope, from yesterday

We are now in Picton - glorious, glorious, Picton. The sun is shining, the palms are rustling, and the interisland ferries come in from Wellington right in front of our balcony. It has been a gorgeous day, and we started by walking the peninusula walk in Kaikoura. It was cool and breezy, but the sun was warm. Bill said, "this is why we came to NZ." True. That and the wine, and the few people, and no traffic, and the friendly natives, and the fresh seafood, etc.

So, let's see if these will come up for you. First, the choir "boys" from Christchurch cathedral for L. J. Then, more from Maida Vale (left top) and the botanical gardens. The patio above right is seen from our lovely studio room at Lorenzo Motor Court in Christchurch. We've had wonderful motels.
We had lunch at Allan Scott Winery on the way here from Kaikoura. M.J. and Bob, wish you were here. More later.

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MJ and Bob said...

We wish we were there, too. Can't wait to hear all about your lunch at Allan Scott. Your pix are beautiful. Keep 'em coming. Thanks for writing and posting pix.