Friday, March 5, 2010

March 6: Real Date

View from the top. Tunnel Beach

Otago Farmers' Market

Dunedin Train Station

I notice that Blogger hasn't been posting the dates correctly. Unless I am very confused, today is Saturday, March 6, here. Now, I'm sure you are confused, too. Nevermind. We'll just muddle along.

We went to the famous farmers' market today at the historic Dunedin train station. What a treat. If we lived here, we'd shop once a week at this market. Lots of fresh meats from local farmers, and as we are at the height of the fruit harvest here, we found apricots, plums (including our favorite, the ones that are the color of red beets inside), strawberries that taste like old fashioned strawberries, apples of many varieties and pears. There were also several fresh bread bakers, cheeses, dried fruits, pastries, jams and relishes, etc. What a good time, and now our motel room looks like a fruit market.

It was still cold and cloudy this morning, but this afternoon, we drove south to Tunnel Beach, found sun, and hiked down to the Pacific surf along a steep path (500 feet altitude change) through a tunnel (75 steps) built by a rich Victorian business man (Cargill) for his family so they could picnic on the beach. They must have had lots of very fit servants to carry all the picnic baskets up and down! The views were spectacular, and the Pacific is such a lovely aqua ocean.

We'll continue to muddle along to dinner again at our favorite Dunedin restaurant, The Reef. More fresh seafood, but no fruit.

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Jordan said...

Jordan and Carlye-We wish we were with you.The fruit sounds very delicious!!!