Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Not great weather for the beach; however, yesterday afternoon the sun came out and I got some great pictures of the beach here at Hahei. It's incredible. The water is rougher than usual, as there is a lot of wind.

We are moving from The Church motel as it is just too remote, and there is no internet service. We have taken the ferry across to Whitianga and I'm posting this from an internet cafe. We plan to move to Coromandel Town tonight, and just look for a place to stay. Shouldn't be a problem as it's mid-week. If I can get service, I'll post another blog.
We are hoping for the sun to come out!!! Better pictures that way, and the scenery is magnificent.
If we can't do another blog, remember we leave Auckland on Friday evening at 7:30. That's your Thursday. We'll be back in LA on Friday morning. Fly back to Greenville on Saturday.
It's been a great trip. Everyone must put NZ on their travel list!

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