Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ellerslie Flower Show and More

Here's Bill, Jared, ready to tackle the trail to Lake Tasman (above). Pretty impressive, don't you think? The shot on the right is Lake Tekapo with the front coming down over the top of the mountains.

The sun was shining brightly at 9:00 a.m. this morning in Christ Church, but by the time we walked through Hagley Park to the flower show, it was beginning to rain. Once inside the gates, it began to pour and the wind picked up considerably. We went through several exhibits, saw the award wininng flower arrangements, lots and lots of people in rain coats and carrying brollies, and by the time we went back outside, the temperature had dropped to 48 degrees and a gale was blowing. What a shame. Some of the exhibitors were outside under small tents, and the wind was wreaking havoc on their displays.
In the best English tradition, we carried-on, had a great hot lunch and a glass of wine in the cafe tent, and talked to two friendly Kiwis who are avid trekkers who filled us in on the Queen Charlotte Track and other wonderful NZ hikes. After lunch, as the weather was still dreadful, we headed back on our one mile trek to the motel. Fortunately, the rain slackened, but we returned "home" cold and wet. How nice to have a hot cup of tea and a warm room.
Now, in the best English tradition as well, the sun is out at 5:00 p.m. Maybe tomorrow will be nicer weather for our trip to Lyttleton and Akaroa.

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Jared said...

Great pic of Bill the hiker man. How about some pics of you guys together?